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Frequently ASKED Questions

What do I bring into the Potjie weekend?
You bring enough food and drinks for you and your family for the whole weekend, warm blankets and sleeping gear, clothes (including a warm jacket, warm pants because sometimes it can get quite chilly at night), swimming gear, shower gear, camping gear. Make sure you bring meat to braai, dop, potjie ingredients (if you are taking part) and a lekker friendly attitude. Lekker vibes only, please.

What time is the "quiet time" in the KOA campground?
10:30pm is "quiet time" at the KOA campground, however we have special permission for the sokkie dance in the recreational hall to play music until midnight. If you sit at your campsite around the campfire after 10:30pm, you will need to keep your voices down. After midnight, we cannot have anyone make any noise, be rowdy or talk loud at their campsite. We have dealt with complaints from the KOA in the past, so please be respectful of your fellow campers that would like to sleep. If you want to enjoy a conversation, you can do so by the main firepit, away from people who are trying to sleep.

On which day is the Potjiekos competition?
The potjie competition takes place on Saturday.

What is the general flow of the weekend?
The general flow of the Potjiefees weekend is as follow:

People who attend the Potjiefees, call Cookstown KAO Campground at Tel:
705-458-2267 and book their accomodation for the South African Potjie festival months in advance. They either stay in cabins, RVs, camping trailers, popup trailers or tents. Others stay in hotels in Barrie or in nearby towns.

People start arriving at the Cookstown KOA campground on the Friday around 1 PM.

Early Friday evening, the braai fires are lit and people start to socialize around the braai.

After dinner, most people sit around the main firepit and catch up with old friends and chatting with new friends. 

Saturday morning is the very popular Boeresports (Farm games) and around midday the potjiekos competion starts. After the prize giving and everyone ate, it's time for the big sokkie (dance).

Sunday is a day for relaxing. In the evening on Sunday, we all gather with blankets on the grass in front of the hall for a movie on the big screen, under the stars.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?
No minimum age requirement. It's a family camping weekend, but please make sure you look after your kids.

Can I pay for my ticket when I arrive at the gate?
Yes, but we prefer that people do it online because then we don't want to have the KOA staff handle money on our behalf. It also gives us an idea of how many people are actually coming to the Potjiefees. 

I forgot to print my potjiefees tickets. What do I do? 

If you didn't print your potjiefees ticket, show the confirmation email on your phone. 

I could not book a cabin and I don't like camping in a tent, what are my options?
You can either stay in a hotel in Barrie, buy a trailer or rent a popup camper. You will have to arrange this yourself.

Cookstown KOA campground messed up my accomodation booking. Will you be able to sort it out for me?
No, Ontario Potjiefees does not get involved with Cookstown KOA's bookings. You will need to contact Cookstown KOA directly at Tel: 
705-458-2267 and sort it out with them.

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?
Unfortunately, there is no public transport that goes to the Cookstown KOA. You will either need your own car, rent one or share a ride with someone. There is parking at the KOA.

Are there showers and toilets at the KOA campgrounds? 
Yes, there are showers and toilets at the recreational hall as well as the KOA entrance office building.

Is there anything for kids to do during the weekend at the KOA?
Yes, there is a swimming pool, kids playground, mini put-put and much more. Just ask the front desk at Cookstown KOA.

...And for the curious Canadians :) 

What is the Ontario Potjiefees about?
Ontario Potjiefees is a South African camping weekend hosted each year by Anneke Breed and Ettienne Van Rooyen as a way to give back to the community. It is also a weekend of speaking their language (Afrikaans), camping, swimming, sokkie (type of country/ballroom dancing), Boeresports (Afrikaans farm games) and the main event: the Potjiekos competition (cook-off) using Potjie pots (cast iron Dutch ovens). Since it is a community volunteering event, all money brought in from the tickets sales is used for wood for the main firepit, charcoal for main BBQs by the hall, Tim Hortons coffee on Saturday morning, the rental of the recreational hall and kids arts and crafts table and any other expenses related to hosting the Potjiefees weekend. Any money that is left over after the weekend, is used towards the next year's event. So bring your tent, your food and drinks for the weekend and come enjoy Boeresports, sokkie, braai and make a potjie and have a jol! 

How can I contact the organizer with any other questions?

Send us a private message through the Ontario Potjie page. We have day jobs and this is a volunteering thing, so please allow a day or two for us to get back to you.

Don’t miss out on the annual Ontario Potjiefees camping weekend. It is a blast that you won’t forget anytime soon!

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Ontario Potjie Camping Weekend organizers:
Anneke Breed (owner of Bokkie's Biltong) & Ettienne Van Rooyen